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Welcome to
Friends of Di's Kitchen

What We Do

Friends of Di's Kitchen (FoDK) is a charitable organisation whose vision is to provide food, once a week, to anyone in need across the city of Wolverhampton. One week we serve a nutritious three course meal to half our guests, the other week they get a bag of food to prepare themselves, e.g tins, packets, bread products, fresh fruit and vegetables.


This is delivered to the door by our volunteers. The guests may have been referred to us via schools, other voluntary organisations, local councillors, social workers or they may have referred themselves by getting in touch with us. Each person is contacted to check on dietary issues and how many people in the household require a meal.

We also distribute weekly food bags to families, sharing the surplus fresh food provided by local supermarkets and food donations. A dedicated phone line offers emotional support to those in need, as does the weekly "face to face" doorstep contact by volunteers who deliver the meals.  

If you or anyone you know is in need of support, please get in touch with us.

FODK's Impact to Date

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