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Thank you so much for your interest and support for FODK. In these very hard times we need to update you on our situation. We are a charitable organisation and rely on donations and bids to raise funds for our food. We are so grateful to you all for your ongoing support to help us provide food for, at the moment, over 760 people across our city and thanks too to our amazing team of volunteers.

Presently we are able to meet current demand, but demand is causing us issues with purchasing food and deliveries. ….most volunteers only have normal sized cars! In the past we have usually accommodated requests for the following Thursday, or in some cases even sooner, but we are unable to do that at the moment. This week alone we have had 19 new guests request food. In the last four weeks we have received requests from an additional 70 people (the number of 760 would be even higher if at least 10 guests had not left our service) so we are having to manage the requests ….and it can now take over a week for us to include referrals on to our delivery lists.

We do hope you all understand. We aim to help everyone, but there are restraints on our service. It upsets us to have to admit it, but we are only human. Thank you so much for your continued support.

FoDK Committee

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